2 Major Reasons to Attend Techsylvania Conference


Nothing new here, there many reasons why attending a professional conference is good for you and your professional life. However, let’s cut it short and emphasize the major reasons why your presence is a must.

You. Your time is limited. And so is everyone else’s. That’s why you need to make sure that attending a conference has an ROI, right?

If you’re reading this, you’re most probably interested in topics that are business related. Code, product, funding themes are associated with our brand since day one. We’re into sharing industry trends and their business applicability, exemplifying strategies, tools and resources, case studies and talking about real solutions to business problems. Not to mention about sipping coffees with VCs, investors from top accelerators, and successful founders, role models which can teach you a few things and inspire you, as well.

We’re a half a year away from the next edition, but you can already have a glimpse on the potential of this edition. CTOs that work for industry giants, founders that influence not only the present, but also the future of programming, global directors of innovation & entrepreneurship in worldwide enterprises and many more highly qualified experts will join us. You don’t want to miss that, do you?

Want to go beyond this? Make the know-how exchange bidirectional. Market yourself. Talk about your expertise in the field. Share your insights, tactics and war stories with others.

Them. And you, also.

According to the feedback from our participants, the number one reason why they attend Techsylvania is networking.

First, meeting the speakers and influencers face to face is more than connecting with them on social networks. You can be memorable and begin a relationship.

Second comes the audience. Meeting and being met by people is equally important as both can generate future professional collaborations.

Last but not least, it’s another chance to study your competition. Meet them, learn the ups & downs of their business. And have a coffee together, too and add up to your competitive edge.

And don’t forget about the fun of it. Nothing compares to the energy that comes from interacting with like-minded people.

What next?

First off, mark the date. The 3rd edition of Techsylvania will take place on 21-24th of May. Moreover, stay tuned to find out what we have in mind for this event by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

And if you’re set to take action, book your conference ticket here.

Anna Maria Radu2 Major Reasons to Attend Techsylvania Conference

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