Top 3 Hottest Topics from Techsylvania 2015

What makes Techsylvania so great, you would probably ask yourself. The answer may be the access to the latest gadgets & wearables, or the networking abundace. But above all that, the main reason why each one of you decides join our conference is the amazing talks on the stage and the brilliant, passionate people that get to be our speakers.

And since we know time is a scarce resource, we have been thinking about all of you, who maybe did not have the opportunity to participate at the first two editions and guess what? We are now giving you with the top 3 speeches from the last year`s edition. Of course, this is just a preview, as we are about to announce our new speakers for this year`s edition.

Therefore, with the drums rolling and the last year`s participants votes included, we give you the hottest topics from the Techsylvania stage:

Raising Money: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, presented by Flaviu Simihaian from iMedicare

Funding your startup even from the early days is a tough job which definitely requires some good decisions. In this must-see talk, Flaviu described the financial processes every early stage company should take into account: ”Don`t ask money for the product, ask money for your sales team. But how much money should you ask for?” The answer is in the video below.

It`s Only the Beginning, a conversation with Steffi Czerny from DLD Media

With a more human-oriented approach, Steffi debates the future of technology, the need for emergent projects and the good that bringing together young talents with ‘old lions’ serves. She states that `right now, being on the edge of a totally new development, I think Big Data will change the Internet; it`s not about old Internet, it`s about new things.` Watch her highly-applauded conversation in full here:

Cyber Security and the Trends of Tomorrow, a conversation with Florin Talpes from BitDefender

From how secure are our devices nowadays, to creating startup initiatives within a big company, Florin Talpes surely knows how to give a fresh and valuable twist to each point of the discussion, as we can see from the following notes on acquiring top talents and also the impact on the Romanian market. ”Every entrepreneur working today in Romania on developing any kind of skills and knowledges are working for the market, because later the people will leave and will create their own company or join other more challenging companies, and through that you are reaching the market, you are building the market of skills and knowledges.”, says the Bitdefender CEO. Watch the entire discussion below.

Did you enjoy our topics so far? How about you propose us this year`s next speaker? Head over here and tell us who you want to see on the Techsylvania 2016 stage.

Anna Maria RaduTop 3 Hottest Topics from Techsylvania 2015

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