Techsylvania Gets in the Startup Business

Only 3 months left until the long-awaited conference and we bring you another surprise we have been keeping secret for a while now: Startup Avalanche.

For the new ones here, you might know Techsylvania has two major components – the hackathon and the conference. Nevertheless, this year will be richer in activities, people and knowledge, as we push the conference forward with a challenge for all the startups out there.

What is Startup Avalanche?

Simply said, on the 23rd and 24th of May, Romanian and international startups will get the opportunity to present their products and pitch their product potential in order to get investment from our amazing VCs and investors and also win a trip to Silicon Valley.

But that is not all. Each startup will enroll into a mentoring program to calibrate their business plan and polish their pitch before taking the stage. Also, 3 VIP conference tickets will be offered to every startup so they can learn from the experiences of the speakers.

Why now?

First, we believe the startup scene has a lot of novelty and interesting things to offer to the community, so we’re putting them in the limelight for you, as each of the participants out there is given the opportunity to learn valuable lessons from the business world and the technology field as well.

Second, we like to believe that Techsylvania has become more than an annual event, that has gathered a community of people who love technology and help each other succeed while sharing unique experiences.

What should you know if you run a startup?

If you’re in the ‘I am not so sure’ position now, let us tell you a few things first. You’re a seed startup maybe trying to attract VCs, partners, a great team to work by your side or just a little more attention on your product. Which is fun, but also challenging.

We’re not strangers to that hustle. That is why, together with Spherik Accelerator, we want to help you succeed and bring upfront the exciting, innovative and promising products that you are making. Become an expert in customer acquisition. Be more confident when pitching to potential partners. And maybe – if you’re that good – go to Silicon Valley with a promising product and a few minutes’ pitch.

Sounds like a plan? Check the eligibility information here and jump in!

Even if you are eager to come to the conference as a participant or as a startup, our hard-working team made sure that you get to see and experience great new stuff.

And let’s not forget the top-notch speakers, the latest gadgets and four days of networking are starting to be casual things when talking about Techsylvania!

Anna Maria RaduTechsylvania Gets in the Startup Business

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