How Techsylvania Celebrated Lady Entrepreneurs

Last days were all about women and celebrating them, and for us at Techsylvania, was the best time to praise their efforts in the technology and innovation field. So, we decided to let all the ladies share their thoughts on the most inspiring women they knew, while putting some perks at stake.

In other words, we have organized a contest dedicated to all the women, in which they were asked to name the most inspiring feminine figure they know, in a chance to win a ticket to Techsylvania and a breakfast meeting with one of our guest lady speakers. The idea of the contest began from a simple belief we have that `every woman is an entrepreneur in her every day life`. Shortly, the messages and names followed, proving each woman had at least a feminine model she admired.   

The results? 30 women will be now attending the third edition of Techsylvania and 5 of them will have an informal lunch with important names in the industry.

Looking closer, we see figures such as Marissa Meyer, Ariana Huffington and Ginni Rometty from the business and tech spheres to be some of the most popular women that our paticipants regarded as inspiring and also asked to see at the future editions of Techsylvania.

Nonetheless, Romanian figures such as Amalia Sterescu or Anda Gansca (our former speaker) were also mentioned, a fact that shows we are in a process of acknowledging the native `superwomen`, who surpass challenges and succeed in their field.

With this idea in mind, each edition we are striving to bring women in technology and entrepreneurship that really set an example for the future generations of ladies out there. And this year, the stage will be taken by figures such as Jennifer Beecher from Soundcloud and Lisa Enckell from Approach, while more speakers are to be announced.

All in all, we thank all the ladies who participated at the contest and we invite all of you who want to be a part of the Techsylvania conference to join the event here!

Anna Maria RaduHow Techsylvania Celebrated Lady Entrepreneurs

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