Who Are the Awesome Techsylvania Guys & Girls?

After two successful editions of Techyslvania, many talks on the activities that took place there and a future edition that is waiting to rock in May, we believe it`s time you met the team that triggered all the movement behind one of the most successful technology and entrepreneurship events in Eastern Europe!

Without further adieu, we’re introducing you to the passionate, hard-working and creative Techsylvania team.

Vlad Ciurca, the Networking Magician

Since day one of Techsylvania, Vlad was in charge of the partnerships and convincing the most interesting speakers to take the stage, proving that his people skills and his open personality can bring such an event to great lengths. Most of the time he engages in technology and business activities, pushing the boundaries of the local communities further and further.

And, if you`re going to be present at Techsylvania 2016 edition, you`ll most probably see him mingling with people and using his `magic powers`, aka his networking skills. His favourite gadget is his iPhone. Vlad’s story is here.

Oana Petrus, the Chief of Ideas

Along with Vlad Ciurca, Oana started Techsylvania three years ago, proving that her excellent managerial and financial skills acquired in more than 10 years of event organising are of great use when putting in place such a large event. Her power of making everything happen at the highest standards and using out of the box ideas can also be seen in numerous projects she conducts, always with the same passion and flair. Not to mention she can bring people together for a cause in no-time!

Between 21st and 24th of May, Oana will most certainly be in the backstage, assuring everything runs smoothly and that the people are enjoying the event. Find out more about Oana here.

Horea Gruita, the Web Guru

Just say ‘design’ and we will clearly think you referred to Horea. His specialty, passion and career is building websites from scratch and he’s been around for a while to know exactly what you need. And if you`re reading this, it means you can get a grip of what he is daily working on, with his characteristic strive for perfection.

Horea will be *physically* present at Techsylvania, although you will most probably see him working on his laptop to ensure the website is updated in real time.

His favourite gadget: “every gadget with an apple on it”. More about Horea here.

Andrei Radu, the Digital Media Captain

IT events, digital marketing products, startups – you name it, Andrei has tested and got to be  part of them all. And of course, his social skills plus the experience he accumulated in IT and technology field, recommend him as a go-to person when talking about connections and media relations. Because nothing is more natural to him than talking about technology, in a friendly and charismatic way.

When he will not be live posting from Techsylvania, he will surely be networking with as many people as possible.

Andrei loves 3D printers. A fun fact about Andrei is that his nickname is “RCA”, which is actually an acronym of his full name. Of course he has no connection with the car insurance business. You can get more information about Andrei here.

Camelia Trusmei, the Perfect Host

Camelia`s forte is her proficiency in event organisation and volunteering. To top it all, interculturality for her is not just a word, it`s a way of living and creating new contacts and experiences. That’s why her CV contains a lot of activities with people around the globe. And no wonder she is now in charge of the speakers for the third edition of Techsylvania.

Camelia will be full speed ahead at this conference, as she will want to make sure the special guests have everything they need to give their best speeches.

Favourite gadget: Samsung PM1633a SSD. Fun fact about Camelia: she’s a demanding sleep talker. More about her here.

Stefan Asafti, the Eye for Details

Stefan`s daily job is one that many can be jealous on – he plays with concepts, ideas and trends to create refreshing designs. With his experience of more than 10 years in the field, he cannot be bored, as he always has something else to do – organise team’s creativity stream, create a new brand identity for a client or design a creative visual to post online.

At Techsylvania, Stefan will most probably be seen behind his camera, his second passion after design.

He likes almost any watch with a digital display. Fun fact about Stefan: he used to write cool poetry and has kept a diary for 6 years. More about him here.

Anna Maria Radu, the Communication Mastermind

If there’s one thing we know for sure about Anna, is that she breathes Public Relations and some might say she accumulated in her 4 years of experience in the field as much knowledge as some might get in an entire career. Moreover, her background of working with a series of hubs and startups is definitely an advantage in her activity at Techsylvania.

Anna will be joining the third edition of Techsylvania and as we may guess, she will keep an eye on every word, making sure everything is presented at the best, while mingling with people and having a lot of meaningful conversations on her favourite topic – startups.

Fun fact about Anna: she is in a love-hate relationship with her smartphone. You can read a few more things about her here.

Cristin Iosif, the Hackathon Hero

With more than 5 years of volunteering for different causes in IT & technology field, Cristin surely knows how to make people involve in actions that make a difference in the community. His dedication towards everything that has a `geek` side is demonstrated by his participation and management of several such events, and from what we can see, this is just the start of a ever evolving career in technology.

You will get to soon see Cristin in his element, as he will be in charge of managing the Techyslvania hackathon this year.

He enjoys everything that has to do with IoT and can be programmed. More about Cristin here.

Save your spot and meet our crew for real at the Techsylvania 2016!

Anna Maria RaduWho Are the Awesome Techsylvania Guys & Girls?

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