4 Reasons Why Companies Should Invest in Education

We often hear on the news about the education system that fails to work and to deliver valuable candidates for companies. This tends to be a loop that companies could prevent in one single step – investing in educating young talents, as well as their employees. But why is it worth for a company to put efforts into ongoing education? Here are 4 major reasons:

Education is a necessary thing for IT companies

Think of it this way – your new company or startup needs resources to build a product that has never been done before. And most often, the process of building it is completely new, so what can you do? You select a team, run an inside education course and kick off with the project.

As you can see, in this everchanging field, courses are a way of adapting to the new trends and technologies or bringing yours to the spotlight.

Education creates stronger, smarter companies

Or to put it this way, one cannot afford not to educate his staff. If having internal programs are better, faster or innovative ways of optimising daily processes, not having these translate into a slower growth pace, internal conflicts and poor long term decisions.

Education attracts talent

Regardless of the field, investing in internal or external education will be seen as a strong point for those top notch professionals who constantly level up and gain knowledge along the way. It is also stated as one of the first reasons to leave the employer if they feel this hasn`t been delivered.

Education is PR

Nonetheless, education is a good publicity for every employer. Whether we`re talking about free courses for students or children, the word-of-mouth generated from this activity is enough to get a few people looking closer to the company.

Now let`s move on with an example of such a company that operates in the IT sector and has createdIMG_0045_pp an entire system running on the idea that education is mandatory for each organizational structure.

Xoomworks, an international company specialised in procurement, business inteligence and technology outsourcing is now investing in their own Academy. We find out more details about it from Christophe Bajc, Managing Director at Xoomworks  Technology Outsourcing:

“Xoomworks Academy is a state of the art training facility based in Cluj-Napoca, within Xoomworks existing offshore software development centre.

Academy participants are taught  the required skills to support the Xoomworks Technology Outsourcing offering, which include extensive training in core technologies such as Java and QA automation.The training program is split across 3 main stages: theoretical training, practical training on internal projects.

Once expected training levels have been reached, selected trainees are allocated to specific client projects, under the guidance of senior staff: each trainee that fulfils expectations is being offered long term employment at Xoomworks, a business where people, relationship building and technical excellence are at the core of the company ethos.”

And their take on education can be summed up by this phrase:

“As a Technology company, our culture is strongly influenced by our continuous desire to improve our skills, and help other people build their skills: we offer unique training and coaching opportunities to our employees, and ensure that our projects offer them the best career development path.

And yes, education can be as various as taking online courses, having teambuilding sessions in exotic places or participating at a technology event, such as Techsylvania! To sum it up, these are just a few reasons to make education a priority for your business.”

*Xoomworks is an official partner of Techsylvania. More about our partners for the upcoming edition, you can find here.

Anna Maria Radu4 Reasons Why Companies Should Invest in Education

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