What’s the Best Asset A Company Can Have?


What do Google, Twitter and Adobe all have in common? Besides the fact that they are IT companies and also well-reputed in their field, there`s more to it than what meets the eye. According to Forbes and Business Insider, all have an organisational culture that gets their names on the lips of professionals.

But how does that translate into business terms and what does it mean for the IT and technology sectors? Well, as you may guess, the best work environments get the brightest minds.

Although we`re not here to talk about perks and paychecks, as much as they may count, because besides these, the schedule, team dynamics, education and leadership may be in most cases more valuable than the traditional incentives.

As more professionals (mainly from the IT industry) are choosing workplaces that suit their style, needs and reflect their values and aspirations, we`re left wondering how companies are shifting their mindsets to attract and inspire the talents that get through their door.

That is why we had a chat with Catalin Stef (SVP International Operations of 3Pillar Global) on the importance of having a strong organisational culture. Here is his point of view:

We are aware that for an employer with such an objective (being the employer of choice for the IT community in Cluj and Timisoara) in mind, a strong organisational culture is a must. Furthermore, a recent study conducted by 3Pillar Global in cooperation with a prestigious American University (University of  Maryland) reveals that organisational culture is the most important feature of an IT product developing company as mentioned by business customers. Feedback, communication and even human resource come after.

cata_stef_760x842This is why we put a lot of energy in developing our organisational culture. Besides specific programs like coffee with the GM for our new employees or open door events, we develop an organisational culture based on the fact that each of our employees plays a specific and important role in our ecosystem. We encourage ideas and initiatives and give them power.

To celebrate outstanding employees we give bi-annual awards based on our three pillars: innovation, agility and integrity. These are the employees that go the extra mile, have out of the box thinking, demonstrate commitment and passion for task practices ethics and values, convert opportunities innovatively as an effective solution. We value direct communication and encourage each of our colleagues to directly address the management whenever they have a constructive initiative.

Furthermore, Catalin reinforces the idea of a distinctive internal culture by pointing out specific activities that each company should invest in:

Involvement in the local community is an integrated part of our culture. We belong here so it is natural to give support to local initiatives. We have regular workshops, hosted by our colleagues, on latest technologies that are open for the public. We want to share our knowledge and contribute to the IT community.

Some of the events we organise for this purpose are “BE Fast & Curious” and “Hello, Reactive World!”. Besides the IT community, we invest in CSR programs. One of our most recent and dearest projects was the development of a mobile app for Shoebox.

We try to engage in different events that also highlight our passions, so we involve in sports competitions like “Charity Cup”, “Crosul Divelor”, education programs like “Better Tomorrow Charity Week”, “Give and Gain Day” or bringing joy during the holidays by being “Santa Claus for a day”. And we are pleased to see that this kind of initiatives comes directly from our colleagues.

So, if it were to distill the ideas above, we`d say that a powerful, healthy company runs with a different, attractive and cool culture `software`, that powers the rest of the business and sets it apart from the competitors. And the reason most of these companies succeed is the trust and engagement they share with each member of their team.

*3Pillar Global is for the second year in a row the official partner of Techsylvania. More about our partners for the upcoming edition, you can find here.

Anna Maria RaduWhat’s the Best Asset A Company Can Have?

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