Step into the IoT World at Techsylvania 2016

Imagine a space filled with the latest gadgets and technology that is at your disposal for four days in a row.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 18.10.07Add this to the two days of hearing the latest news in technology and startup, combined with a 24-hour hackathon and lots of networking and now you get a picture of the magnitude of the Techsylvania event.  

Surprises keep on coming for the third edition of Techsylvania and the latest one we have prepared for you is the IoT Village, a place where during the 4 days of event, you can try ten of the most innovative, practical and cool devices and gadgets on the market.

First of all, we must admit that even for us, this year`s IoT Village is a dream come true and a proof that Techsylvania has grown bigger and more complex since the first year, when the four days were allocated mainly for the conference and the hackathon. It is also an element we have eagerly wanted to bring to Techsylvania in the context of the Internet of Things as an emerging topic.

And the gadgets – you definitely have to try and win them! We have brought the best technologies from smart living, security and health that make your life easier and better. Basically, IoT Village will be a spot in the event venue where you will be able to experience how a digitalised home might look like. Here are the devices you will see:

Techsylvania participants can hack one or more of the 10 devices available. The most successful participant will be able to leave home with the device they hacked. You can find out more details about the participation rules here.

All of this is possible with the help of our partners from Bitdefender, one of the most successful Romanian businesses that focus on cybersecurity and data protection, whose CEO, Florin Talpes was one of the most appreciated speakers last year.

Nonetheless, if you are really passionate about gadgets, you should definitely join the Techyslvania hackathon, where other interesting technologies like Oculus DK2 and Parrot MiniDrone will be showcased and tested.

You can book your tickets for the conference here and for the hackathon here and be part of what is going to be an amazing technology and innovation event!

Anna Maria RaduStep into the IoT World at Techsylvania 2016

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