5 Steps to Winning the Next Techsylvania Hackathon

Participating in a hackathon is one thing, but winning it is another deal. To make it easier for all of you who will be joining the third edition of Techsylvania hackathon, we`ve gathered up our experience and created this article hoping you will gain more insights and extra fun starting May 21st!

#1 Build a Great Team

First and foremost, hackathons are all about joining forces to build something that matters. It`s the very principle that drives people to come such events, the networking, the learning process and the shared values.

But how do you build a great team? Think in terms of what you lack in skills and knowledge and then search for those things in other people. In most cases, complementing each other`s skills works in your favour towards winning the competition.

Also, choose persons you would enjoy working with, because you will spend 24 hours in their presence.

#2 Focus on the DemoScreen Shot 2016-04-20 at 20.55.25

One major reason most teams do not get the big prize is that they concentrate all their efforts on the product, leaving aside the demonstration. Our advice is to invest a big chunk of time in the demo, even if that means cutting out on some features. Because after all, as in business, your team`s ability to convince the judges and the audience about the great things you`ve done can determine your success.

#3 Strategise Before Creating Your Product

Before getting into the fever of creating your product, there is a cool-headed part you must go through. And that is strategising every detail of your 24 hours, making sure you do not spend too much time on secondary things, such as naming or a sign in a screen, but rather developing a neat product. Here`s a hint – think about creating one thing only and make it work perfectly, rather than taking too much time for lots of features & functionalities.

#4 Create Something You Will Enjoy Using

It sounds pretty intuitive but most of the people forget that working on a project you really, really believe in and enjoy making it not only boosts your performance, but also plays in your favour when you need to present it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 20.51.25#5 Stay Curious

Apple Watch, DJI Phantom 4, Oculus DK2, Amazon Echo, Epson Moverio BT-200, Merge VR, EyeTribe Tracker…do we need to say more?

We have over 20 wearables you can hack on at our hackathon. All you need is to explore the diversity of gadgets that are at your disposal for 24 hours straight.

Extra Tips

You`re competitive, we know; otherwise you wouldn`t be participating in such a contest. But don`t let that winner`s mentality get over your joy of being there and having the opportunity to interact with so many specialists. With a bit of fun and a moderately laid-back attitude, even the hacking will be more productive.

And the last one – sleep well.  As you know, hacking for 24 hours is a challenging, energy-draining thing to do, so make sure you get some sleep before joining the event. In the end, it may pay off to have a sharp mind and lots of energy.

Now, are you ready for the third edition of Techsylvania hackathon? Hurry up, just a few more tickets are available here!

Anna Maria Radu5 Steps to Winning the Next Techsylvania Hackathon

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