A New Era in Tech and Fashion – ElektroCouture

Purses that incorporate a charger. Rings that glow when you get an email. Scarves that change their colour according to your mood. Not long ago, these objects would have been drawn out of a science-fiction movie. Not today, as the technology world is blending more and more with the fashion industry to create unique and revolutionary garments.

2016-01-20-234710-EditThe syntagm `tech fashion` is usually coined to describe the conjuction of the newest technology with clothing design.

Nevertheless, in most of the cases can refer to a wider range of activities, from production (using 3D printing or other top-notch methods) to distribution and promotion (the big data analysis and digital components being key elements for the tech fashion world).

As you might guess, technology in fashion is more than a whim or a seasonal trend, although it might look like that. Brands like Apple, Fossil and Intel are only a few of the ones that see the the bigger picture and decided to go against the grain to capitalise hugely on a virgin market that is annually growing at a fast pace –  last year, Nastly Gal and Moda Operandi were given tens of billions of dollars by investors, only to develop their businesses.

Lisa Lang is the CEO of ElektroCouture and a former speaker at the very first edition of Techsylvania. Her business is about combining light with fabrics to create shiny new models of clothing that can be worn every day.

2016-01-20-232410-Edit“It’s very much about the mindset. Fashion has always been about innovation – inspired by fabrics and techniques. Over the past few years, fashion has lost its ability to innovate, this is why we are seeing more and more recycled trends. Whereas ‘wearable technology’ has the capacity to become the ‘next big thing’”, says Lisa for Tech Berlin.

As a successful fashion and technology startup, you need to have three main things – a great business model, a differentiating idea and the defined brand personality. It is the best of both worlds – the fashion industry and the technology are not so far away when wearables, smart fabrics or inventive shopping platforms are made available.

As an emerging market, there are plenty of startups, festivals and incubators that promote and push this niche further, thinking everything from smart fabrics to digital presence and selling channels.

Tech can surely be fun, too. Join us at the 3rd edition of Techsylvania and see for yourself! 

Anna Maria RaduA New Era in Tech and Fashion – ElektroCouture

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