Techsylvania Hackathon Challenge: Your Ticket Is Here

11402438_847096538715696_3516562386058532186_oDevelopers, we`ve got a new challenge for you! Our partners from ACADEMY+PLUS have a game for you and the prize is your free ticket to the next edition of Techsylvania hackathon! But let us explain a bit more in the following lines.

There is a game that dares all developers to take two online tests to prove your memory and logic. Pretty simple, you might say, but the real deal here is the score you get. You have two hours and ten minutes to complete them, without pauses.

The best 10 players will get free tickets to the third edition of Techsylvania hackathon and the following 20, a 50% discount at registration.

Careful, if you are <born to code> you might get thrown into the Pool*. That’s your chance to  be part of ACADEMY+PLUS, that aims to help anyone who loves code lines to make the most of their passion.

All right then, prepare your laptop and your brains and head over here to take the tests that might get you that free entrance at the hackathon! And hurry up, the deadline is the 15th of May.

If you feel like you want to take the easy step forward, you can register to the hackathon in an instant here.

So, what`s your score?


ACADEMY+PLUS is a Cluj-Napoca based Association that covers a wide range of programs  that help all coding passionates to pursue their dreams.

The free of charges IT School ACADEMY+PLUS offers an alternative way of learning programming. It also has the most uncommon preselection, called the Pool. *It is called the Pool because the candidates are thrown into a new world full of challenges and they have to solve them in 28 days.

Anna Maria RaduTechsylvania Hackathon Challenge: Your Ticket Is Here

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