How To Foster Innovation In a Company

Nowadays, business development and innovation go hand in hand while the old saying of resting on one`s laurels is long taken into account. Especially in the tech field, where constant renewal and generation of solutions is a determining factor of a company`s survival.

That is why we have decided to tap into the subject and explore the innovation culture from a business perspective. That is what we found out:

Great companies build collaborative environments.

Google, Pixar and Apple all encourage collaborative endeavours and it can be seen with a simple glimpse into their offices. The well-thought spaces that put people together are a start to a more open and shared culture that acts as a catalyst to new ideas and plans.

Great companies don’t expect creativity. They train it.

Before jumping to conclusions, let us say that all people are creative and can bring valuable ideas at any time. But the fact that some companies invest in teaching their staff methods on getting their creative juice flowing is as important as the ideas in themselves. In other words, the right tools make all the difference.

Great companies have an incubator.

Having ideas is great, but actually implementing them is vital, not only for the innovative culture, but also for progress. That is why most businesses consider having an incubator within their structure, knowing the major downside of all ideas – the put-it-in-practice part. To sum things up, dedicating a special part for implementation of ideas is core business strategy.

Great companies challenge the status-quo.

Big or small, IT-based or not, service-oriented or product creators, all great companies resist the norms and provide value with their slightly different approach. And it goes down to the core of their organisational culture, where all the people are encouraged to bring up different views, to set another perspective and to refresh an idea, without being `punished` or frowned upon.

Moving the discussion forward, we asked Imre Mikó, Managing Director of Small Footprint, a software Imre Portret 2013okt_sinnovation company with its headquarters in US to tell us about their innovation culture and here it is what we found:

“<2 Teams 1 Footprint> describes our partnership mindset. It means creating a positive, collaborative environment in which our teams (the client’s team and the Small Footprint team) work together toward shared goals. This mindset and shared environment facilitates cooperation between teams and regular communication across functional areas. Once our team is on the project, they work seamlessly with the client’s internal team, developing and co-innovating together.

We naturally bring an “experienced outsider” perspective to our Client’s business challenges, many of which are similar across companies and industries, which stimulates innovative thinking. We couple that with a company culture of speaking up: this means we respectfully challenge current thinking and the status quo by letting our customers know when we have alternative solutions, when we see perhaps better ways of accomplishing their business objective.

Lastly, we challenge ourselves to innovate our own business. We have a product innovation group whose goal is to foster complementary business opportunities, and we’re holding a FedEx event this week that more than 1/3 of the company staff will participate in”, says Imre Mikó, Managing Director at Small Footprint.

More talks about business and innovation will be presented at the third edition of Techsylvania, during 21st and 24th of May. Tickets are available here.

*Small Footprint is an official partner of Techsylvania. More about our partners for the upcoming edition you can find here.

Anna Maria RaduHow To Foster Innovation In a Company

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