5 Reasons You Need To See Tim Draper At Techsylvania

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There are less than 3 weeks until Techsylvania and we have recently confirmed a new name on the speaker`s list – Tim Draper. But let`s not prolong the excitement and introduce him to you properly, as you might want to know what this fuss is all about.


Reason #1 – You Will Hear A Billion Dollar Investor Speaking

With a history of three generations of investors in his family, one might guess where Tim`s career would head to. Nonetheless, he admits that his initial plans were not to become an investor, but rather an entrepreneur. He later recalls he found his calling in the same field and today, he is the founder and partner of DFJ, a venture capital firm with billions of dollars in investments.

Reason  #2 – You Will See A Marketing Guru

Tim`s widely known as the inventor of `viral marketing`, or in other words, the idea of automatically attaching an advertising message to emails. His suggestion brought a tremendous  success to Hotmail, YahooMail, and Gmail, not to mention that it has been adopted as a standard marketing technique by thousands of businesses.

Reason #3 – You Will Hear A Tech & Innovation Pundit

As a venture capitalist, Tim was always ahead of times, thinking, strategizing, foreseeing and helping tech businesses grow to the point they were acknowledged as immense innovators or market disruptors. Hundreds of startups that include names such as  Skype, Overture, Baidu, Tesla, Theranos, Parametric Technology, Hotmail, Digidesign and Twitch.tv prove his abilities to predict and also work towards future success as a business.

Reason #4 – You Will Get To Know An Education Supporter

Tim is not only a tech & business savvy, but he also applies his visionary thinking when it comes to education, understanding the needs of the future entrepreneurs. As a result of his experience and mastery for the field, he developed Draper University of Heroes and BizWorld, an educational program that offers a crash course in entrepreneurship and a non-profit organization for children to learn business at young ages.

Reason #5 – You Will Have In Front Of You A Top-Notch Speaker

Last but not least, Timothy Draper is promoting all his work throughout lots of conferences, TV and radio shows or press appearances, being recognised as an emblematic figure in tech. As a confirmation for this, he was ranked 52 on the list of the 100 most influential Harvard Alumni, and seven on the Forbes Midas List, while being named Always-On #1 top venture capital deal maker. And the list could go on and on.

And if these reasons are not enough to convince you that you are about to participate at one of the greatest events in the region, then let us add some more: a 24-hours connected devices hackathon with the latest gadgets as prizes, a startup competition, lots of networking with 800+ participants, workshops, latest tech devices to test and a 2-days conference with major names from the technology space. Here you go!

We are running out of tickets, so save your seat right away!

Anna Maria Radu5 Reasons You Need To See Tim Draper At Techsylvania

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