Techsylvania Introduces Workshops for Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Developers

Maybe you have wondered in the last few days if joining Techsylvania is really something that will help you learn, access and see new things in your area of interest. We will go past the cliche saying that you can learn and accumulate a lot of things from any event, because you really can, and rather get into the specific stuff to cast a light on the four major fields we have built the event on. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur, an innovator or a developer, read further to find out what Techsylvania can do for you!

You Are An Entrepreneur

Whether you have a business, you start one just now or you think of taking that leap, we must tell you that Techyslvania was created having in mind people like you. First off, it`s the networking part of events like these, which gives a lot of opportunities to you, the participant.

Second, we`ve prepared for you a Pitching Masterclass with Peter Hopwood, full of valuable practical insights and techniques to increase chances of pitching success for your business.

Do not miss Peter Hopwood`s workshop where he will be showing you exactly how to reach the next level in your business communication. If you want more details about this workshop, feel free to reach Peter on Twitter, LinkedIn, or drop him a line at [email protected].


Add to that a PR workshop on strategy, delivered by our Techsylvania speaker, Stefan Fountain from and you’ll get a full recipe on success.

Stefan Fountain`s workshop focuses on developing PR strategies, which will help you get your projects on the right track by defining your target audiences, communication channels, key messages and have a instantly useful document that functions as the start of your company content calendar and communication strategy.

You Are an Innovator

The truth be told, innovators are found in any field. Although, one thing they have in common is their fierce curiosity, their never ending dynamism and the way they merge complementary areas and ideas.

If you consider yourself an innovator or wish to become one, we warmly recommend you the Adhocracy workshop that Andy Taylor from UBBEE will be hosting on building an innovative organisation.

Andy Taylor`s hand-on workshop nurtures the idea of Adhocracy, a new system of running organisations, or what he calls it ”a model of organisation that rejects classical principles of management, is often inefficient and chaotic, but it often delivers high growth through dynamic international project teams”.

Andy enjoys discussing topics such as disruptive approaches to work, key connections between motivation, vision and practices and rethinking the organisational structure of a business. Moreover, he will present case studies from Romania as an invitation to debate what works, what doesn’t, relationships to Romanian culture and why.

You Are A Developer

Moreover, we greet you with a hands-on workshop on perception methods for driver assistance systems and automated driving  powered by Bosch.

Catalin Golban,  part of the Bosch Driver Assistance team from Cluj will tour you through the Bosch systems, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the video-based algorithms and specific software development peculiarities.

Later on, you can deep-dive into image processing techniques, from 2D images to 3D perception. Both theoretically and practically, the team will explain the mathematical models behind the process.

Last but not least, the Bosch team will showcase 3D perception algorithms. After an overview of the methods for interpreting the 3D data, you can develop basic detection algorithms (e.g.: object detection or road surface estimation) writing the code in C++ or Java with direct support from Bosch R&D organisers.

Do you want to attend one or more of these workshops? Get your Techsylvania ticket and we will send you a registration link. Hurry up!

Anna Maria RaduTechsylvania Introduces Workshops for Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Developers

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