Mark Shuttleworth’s Incredible Journey in the Tech World

For Mark Shuttleworth, his journey into the tech scene has been fulminant even from the beginning and also paved with a lot of success that few can count as their own. Because he will be one of the keynote speakers for the Techsylvania conference this year and also because his professional and personal life are something to look up to, let us pinpoint some of this achievements that made us so eager to know him.

The World Wide Web Era

Like any other tech enthusiast, Mark`s interest in computers began in the childhood, playing games. It was not long before, being a university student, he started his own company, Thawte, that produced the first-ever full security encrypted e-commerce web server to be available outside US. Four years later, the fast-growing company was sold to VeriSign, enabling Mark to start another project, HBD Venture Capital, a capital firm and a business incubator, along with a non-profit organisation.

The Space Era

Now here comes the brilliant, fun part. Mark Shuttleworth has conquered two milestones back in 2002: he was the second person to engage on a touristic space travel in that year and maybe even more impressive, he was the first citizen of an independent African country to travel to space. After more than a year of training, he embarked on Soyuz TM-34 spaceship, to conduct for several days research missions for South Africa, his home country. After returning, he held many conferences and speeches on space travel and connected areas.

The Systems Era

Two years after his mission, Mark Shuttleworth founded Canonical, a project aimed to promote the open-source software that is most known for the Ubuntu platform. Nowadays, he focuses on developing the products for Ubuntu, being in charge for the design and product strategy. He is passionate about cadence, design and quality in open source and he believes that free software is highly possible to become the norm in tech.

The Next Era…?

Out of many more science, technology and business areas, Mark Shuttleworth is very fond of AI. We don’t know yet what his future plans are, but as his career proved to skyrocket and continues to do so, we can only expect what`s best and most unexpected of Mark.

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Anna Maria RaduMark Shuttleworth’s Incredible Journey in the Tech World

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