Enhancing the Techsylvania Experience with Cutting-Edge Technologies

Is there more to the Techsylvania conference than the already announced number of over 40 speakers, the incredible networking with more than 1000 people and the startup competition that drives one startup to Silicon Valley?

Yes, there is!

Because we have come to great lengths to create such an event, we are also pushing the boundaries further, coming up with a series of spectacular gadgets on display for you. That being said, during the two days of conference, you are about to transcend the learning and absorbing knowledge, to actually see it while testing the newest and most advanced technology releases in various industries.

IoT. Telecommunications. Wearables. 3D printers. Fashion.

To name just a few, these are the fields that lately drew our attention with their innovations, so we have decided to bring products for you to test, see and win during the breaks of the conference and not only. Curious which ones?

First, the Internet of Things Village will be hosted by Bitdefender, where you can find all sorts of devices from home security, to smart living. Our favourites and the ones you should not miss are:  


If you are waiting for another talk at the conference to start and you have a few spare moments, goand check the HTC telecommunications area where two of the latest gadgets (that are not been available yet for consumers’ reach in Romania) will be presented:

  • HTC One M10, `the best high-end smartphone ever`
  • HTC Vive, the VR set for a fully immersive experience

Nonetheless, a special place of the venue will be hosting all kinds of uber-devices, such as:

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 20.03.00

  • E-TWOW, the electric kick scooter
  • Tintag, the first all Romanian made tracking device
  • Symme3D, the first 100% Romanian desktop 3D printer and Symme3D Enormo, its elder sibling and the industrial size 3D printer
  • Spion U9, the USB stick video spy with movement sensors
  • Ninebot Mini Pro, the new personal transportation robot
  • Ninebot One, the intelligent mini personal transport robot
  • Walkera, the racing drone

And, for those you love to combine technology with fashion, ElektroCouture is displaying during the conference some top tech garments that most definitely shine a light on anyone wearing them.

All wrapped up, Techsylvania 2016 edition will be a lot of fun! See you there, or in case you did not buy your ticket yet, you have one last chance here!

Anna Maria RaduEnhancing the Techsylvania Experience with Cutting-Edge Technologies

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