Over 130 Developers Change the Tech Industry at Techsylvania Hackathon

A room filled with more than 130 developers, 24 hours of hacking, 16 ideas and over 20 cutting-edge gadgets to work on. We are here at the Techsylvania hackathon and these numbers represent only a part of what is going on for the two days.

13235246_1043512012407480_8901793267982437325_oTo top it all, one of the most awaited speakers at the Techsylvania event has joined us to grasp the enthusiasm of the teams. Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu and the first South-African entrepreneur to travel to space has encouraged our teams to show their full potential.

Seeing the teams developing their ideas in hope to revolutionise the tech industry and win the prizes we have prepared for them is the aim of this hackathon.

And trust us, we have already seen some daring and innovative projects that are about to happen here at the Students Culture Hall in Cluj-Napoca. What are these? Let`s have a look!

Grip It

The first team from Techsylvania hackathon came up with Grip It, a product that uses data provided by Force Sensitive Resistors and processed by an Arduino. The purpose of the project is to generate actionable data for a smart climbing hold for viewers to better understand the sport and climbers to perform better.

Team Optimizer

The second group of developers presents Team Optimizer, an app that helps teams optimize their processes while recording daily interactions with Amazon Echo.

Green Box

Green Box is to be a product that estimates how efficient a solar power panel would be if installed. The product is mainly designed using a solar panel and a series of detectors connected to a Raspberry Pi 3.

Rollo Collo

Rollo Collo wishes to come in help of people who suffer from colour-blindness and design with Epson Moverio BT-200 a device that can simulate real colours.


The team wishes to create a device that measures the number of people that are in a room with a visual image, providing an efficient solution for institution queues and ticketing. They have combined the use of several devices such as Amazon EchoRaspberry Pi 3 and Metawear.

Parking Buddy

The guys from Parking Buddy challenge the conventional parking system and wish to implement a drone-based one with which any driver can find a parking space easily. DJI Phantom 4 was at high use in this project.


Ara Team has come up with an idea to give children a better experience in learning about physics, while simulating spatial objects using Sphero and Raspberry Pi 3.


The team’s idea is to build a surveillance drone to map an area and live stream it to a web server. The platform uses an AI algorithm and DJI Phantom 4 to identify a person or an object and send coordinates. 

Augmented Tourism

The idea behind this project is to develop an app that acts as a tour guide used on Google glasses. The app identifies buildings and offers suggestions, acting as a tour for the user.

Sensor Tracking

This one is about using various sensors to detect the pulse of a person and to analyze his mood, adjusting the room lightning accordingly. The team has used Misfit Bolt and the EyeTribe Tracker to implement their idea.

Home Security

What is different about this one, you might ask. The team wishes to design a home security system that uses only the smartphone to unlock your home. Onyx Beacons would send signals to Danalock to perform the action.


Medvac aims to help people in difficulty (e.g. increased heart rate) to be found by other smartwatches and smartphones users and eventually call emergency and offer the geolocation of the subject. 

Rocket Team

Rocket Team is working on a product that monitors the road, a driver’s attention to it and creates a safe environment for the driver with the data that has been analyzed. They have turned their idea into a functional demo using the EyeTribe Tracker, a Raspberry Pi 3 and a webcam.

We Do Stuff

Using Leap Motion, the team wishes to translate sign language into text, making it easy for people with disabilities to communicate with other people. 

Dr. Alexa

Dr. Alexa is an app that helps the users have an easy pills management and send health notifications to the doctor for a new recipe. Amazon Echo gave the ‘doctor’ a voice and intelligence.

Little Data

This last one is an app that will be designed to create heatmaps for a web page to see points of interests and also to control the page by using an the EyeTribe Tracker.

These are the 16 ideas and teams that will work in the next hours to design, present and eventually win the Techsylvania hackathon. You can go check our Facebook page to stay tuned with more updates about the event. Tomorrow we’ll show you the demos! 

Anna Maria RaduOver 130 Developers Change the Tech Industry at Techsylvania Hackathon

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