Techsylvania Hackathon Winners Got Our Prizes!

It’s the end of day two at the Techsylvania hackathon, which means the teams have presented their projects in front of our jury. After a full day and night of hacking, the 16 teams have each had their 4 minutes of demos. But only a handful of them impressed the jurors and won the big prizes. Read on to find out who they are!

The HTC special prize goes to…Dronesylvania!

Their idea of using DJI Phantom 4 for surveilling an area and transmitting coordinates in rescue purposes convinced the jury they deserve the HTC One M8. Good job, guys!

The Vector special prize was won by Penguins

The team who has created a device that measures the number of people in a building to provide an efficient solution for institution queues and ticketing. They have combined the use of several devices such as Amazon EchoRaspberry Pi 3 and Metawear. The Penguins are now enjoying their special prize, a Vector Luna Watch Steel. Good idea, great prize!

The third place goes to Grip It

The team has designed a product that uses data provided by Force Sensitive Resistors and processed by an Arduino. The purpose of the project is to generate actionable data for a smart climbing hold for viewer on a climbing hold for viewers to better understand the sport and climbers to perform better. For their great work, they got free passes to Techsylvania conference, personalised mentoring sessions from Spherik Accelerator, free tickets at Shift Developer Conference and a series of gadgets and devices such as Misfit Flash, Metawear, Leap Motion and Pebble Classic. Wohooo!

The second place is reserved to Dr. Alexa

The app that helps the users have easy pills management and send health notifications to their doctor for new recipes, using Amazon Echo, has convinced us it deserves the second place at this edition. That is why the team goes home with free passes to the Techsylvania conference, personalised mentoring sessions at Spherik Accelerator, free tickets to Shift Developer Conference, topped with some cool wearables & devices such as Alcatel Smartphone, Misfit Flash, Pebble Time and Pebble Classic.

We thank the jurors – Mark Shuttleworth, Wallace Wu, Fredrik Nylander, Cristiano Betta, Radu Stefan and Andrei Baican, to our lovely host, Anca Albu, the entire organising team and last but not least, to all the participants who showed dedication and passion throughout the competition!

We also want to express our appreciation towards our Hackathon Partner, Banca Transilvania for supporting us!

And now, the great winner of the Techsylvania hackathon is….Green Box!

Thanks to their idea of creating a product that estimates how efficient a solar power panel would be if installed, they captured our attention and convinced us they deserve the big prize.The product is mainly designed using a solar panel and a series of detectors connected to a Raspberry Pi 3. The prize consists of free tickets to Techsylvania conference, access to a pre-acceleration program held by Young Leaders Club, personalised mentoring sessions from Spherik Accelerator, mentoring from Tandem Capital, free tickets to Shift Developer Conference and some pretty awesome tech toys, like Alcatel Smartphone, Parrot Jumping Sumo, Pebble Time, Misfit Flash, Merge VR and Pebble Classic. Congrats and enjoy!

Now we’re getting ready for the Techsylvania conference starting tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Anna Maria RaduTechsylvania Hackathon Winners Got Our Prizes!

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