Most Wanted Edition of Techsylvania Conference: 1st Day Overview

The long-awaited moment has arrived, and we successfully check day one of Techsylvania conference off our list. But let us name at least a few of the most impressive things we’ve seen and learned today.

Techsylvania Conference Stage

There is a saying that who wakes up early goes  far and we can totally agree with that, as it has all started early in the morning until the evening, with condensed talks of 20 minutes each, resuming all with about 22 speakers, including Tim Draper, DFJ founder, the highly reputed American investor to honour us into opening the conference.

Techsylvania Workshops

To our surprise, this year`s edition gathered more than 1100 people, going beyond any other Techsylvania edition so far in number, as well as in the variety of topics – from management, to marketing, development and digital products. To all the talks and panels presented on the main stage, there were many other things happening in between, such as presenting this year`s Techsylvania hackathon winners, an exciting workshop on how to pitch investors, lots of networking and interesting stuff going on at our partner`s booths.

Techsylvania Hackathon Winners

We must briefly mention the hackathon winners who really did a great job presenting their products, Green Box and Dr. Alexa, two teams who have created a device that measures the solar power effectiveness, respectively a gadget that optimises the taking of pills and announces the doctor about changes in health state. Congrats!

Techsylvania Partners

Of course, a lot of our appreciation goes also to our partners who helped us deliver a great day of conference. Thanks to Accenture, the coffee breaks were a mix of drinking a hot cup of coffee and networking. Telekom was another partner we should thank for the creative and tasty lunch our guests and participants had today.

And as with any other conference, there was a lot of networking involved, mainly because of Topi app which is designed to connect people at these kind of events. We`re expecting you to use it tomorrow as well, sharing know-how, business cards and ideas.

Startup Avalanche Finalists

Also, the first day of Techsylvania brought together international startups that pitched their businesses in front of our jury. You can find out on our blog what the 17 international startup finalists do. Though, the big battle will take place tomorrow, when Startup Avalanche will announce the winners.

Lessons Learned

What have we learned from today? That it takes courage to start a business, nerves to follow it through in each process, boldness to promote it and a clear mind to choose the right team. We`ve also found out what are the wearables of the future, some pretty cool tricks regarding development and lots of new ways that VR could impact our lives.

Stay Tuned for More!

So, for those of you who are coming to the event tomorrow, we have one last request – to check the agenda and make sure you sign in for the workshops and the SmartUp competition that we have prepared for you! See you there!

Anna Maria RaduMost Wanted Edition of Techsylvania Conference: 1st Day Overview

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