The 16 International Startup Finalists at Startup Avalanche

Right now, as we are writing this from the Techsylvania event that has started this weekend, 16 candidates for the Startup Avalanche competition are preparing their pitches that can take them to Silicon Valley. We are therefore presenting them to you, as we might assume they will soon become some valuable and notorious businesses that will change the tech scene, names that you will definitely hear more about in the near future.

AIris Vision is the first one on the list and most exceptionally about it is that it provides artificially intelligent contextual recognition of videos, images etc. Approd, on the other hand is a service-oriented startup that allows people to create their documents for a new company in 5 minutes or less.

The third one, ARMNet, is an augmented reality platform for maintenance of networks and the fourth one, Baro Ads helps you optimize and automate ads on social platforms.

City365 provides the users with an artificially intelligent happy hour engine they can use for going out.

Escreo lets you write whatever you want on any kind of surface, with the help of a functional paint, while ExigeApp simplifies financial modeling and encourages startup founders and business owners to use finance to support their business goals and build strong companies.

Reaching for a student market, flatme aims to offer a platform for easily finding accommodation and right from another sector, Halftone Pro addresses the design area with an algorithmic vector halftone and other patterns.

For the music enthusiasts, Mushin can be a blessing, as it artificially selects music in a bar or restaurant based on the preferences of the people that are in the area and Planable provides a Social media collaboration, planning, and approval tool for agencies.

Printivate takes on the 3D printing field and improves it with an automatic model to fix and optimize 3D models, where Skillific is a platform for matching skills with special sets of needs due to an automated process.

Tintag makes it easier for you not to lose anything again, by attaching a little device to your personal objects.

Verdeate develops web competitions in order to improve consumption habits and last on the list, but not least, Visitoranalytics provides analytics for busy people.

Let’s not forget about the jury of Startup Avalanche, that consists of an impressive number of VC’s and business angels: Tim Draper (Founder of DFJ), Peter Yared (Founder & CTO at Sapho), Fabian Westerheide (CEO of Asgard), Hussein Kanji (Founding Partner at Hoxton Ventures), Holger Weiss (CEO at CC Ventures GmbH), Dávid Pongrác (Investment Director at OXO Labs), Fredrik Nylander (Partner at Lakestar), Frank Meehan (Partner at SparkLabs Global), Karel Obluk (General Partner at Evolution Equity Partners), Philipp Kandal (VP of Engineering at Telenav), Andreas Ehn (Co-Founder of Wrapp), Rumen Iliev (Partner at LAUNCHub), Flaviu Simihaian (Co-founder and CEO of iMedicare), Nicoleta Nutu (Microsoft), Marius Ghenea (3TS Capital) and Dan Sturza (Senior Associate at Fribourg Capital).

Also big thanks to Spherik Accelerator for making the perfect duo with us into launching Startup Avalanche!

Wrapping up, we are very eager to present you tomorrow, on stage the winners of the Startup Avalanche competition. Stay tuned for more!

Anna Maria RaduThe 16 International Startup Finalists at Startup Avalanche

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