Three Romanians enrolled in Draper University, the 2.0 school of entrepreneurship

During the opening of the last edition of Techsylvania, Tim Draper, one of the world-renowned venture capital investors, had a talk about an opportunity for challenging ideas to become viable businesses. He also launched an invitation for the winners of our startup competition to join one of the programs at Draper University, where he is the founder.

What is Draper University?dsc_8391

Draper University is a platform for young, ambitious entrepreneurs who aspire to become leaders. The school acts as a portal where students learn and strive to unlock a community while attending the crash course in entrepreneurship.

Thanks to their experiential learning oriented methodology, Draper University has nurtured 200 startups and counting, that over time have raised more than $25 million.

And the winners are…

The opportunity was soon grasped by three Romanian entrepreneurs that have attended this year’s edition of Techsylvania. They have passed the interviews with flying colors.

Among the first ones to get accepted was Xenia Muntean. She is the CEO and founder of Planable, a platform that allows agencies and social media marketers to collaborate with their clients. Moreover, Planable was the startup to win the very first edition of our Startup Avalanche competition.

She will experience the 7 weeks Residential Program at Draper University, exploring new ways to finely tune the Planable product and turn it into a performant business.

”During this program, I look forward to learning how to communicate with investors, how to establish a companydsc_8412
overseas, and how to market a product to American users. I am also excited to learn about different cultures, languages, and startup communities across the world,” says Xenia.

The second winner to unlock his creativity and bring innovation at Draper University is Florin Badita. He will attend the 7 weeks Residential Program.

”I had been a student at CROS-Universitatea Alternativa in Bucharest. This university looked like the next thing that I could do that makes use of non-formal education methods,” is what Florin said when asked what made him apply for the program. Although his business idea is not defined yet, he is determined to pursue a social business model.

The third Draper University student is Ion Dronic. He aims at combining two knowledge bases to create his product based on narrative therapy. His entrepreneurial pursuit has recently led him to launch an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for Narragram, a suite of software tools to ease the life of narrative therapists.

”It was a relatively new way to do therapy and few people understand technology and therapy at the same time,” said Ion, who shortly joined his colleagues for a 9 months Masters Program at Draper University.

Thoughts on the future

It’s an opportunity, for sure. But what do these three young entrepreneurs hope to find at Draper University?

Xenia from Planable shares her thoughts on what she hopes to excel at: “[…]develop a stronger leadership style, gain the investment and skills to scale Planable, build a network in Silicon Valley, polish my pitch and strengthen our business model.”

Ion Dronic is a little bit more practical: “How to enter with an idea and get out with a company.”

And it doesn’t stop once the program is over. “[…] Our team worked tirelessly to develop Planable. Draper University saw that I used every opportunity I had and that I wanted to pass back what I learned to others from my community. I know Draper University is going to help me gain useful skills, a bigger vision, diverse perspectives, and a meaningful network. I hope to bring these assets back to Romania and Moldova”, says Xenia Muntean.

It may come as no surprise that Cluj-Napoca connects different ideas together and develops a tech, entrepreneurially-driven ecosystem. We wish them good luck in their journey and may them return with performing ideas that will shape the future. Have fun and action!

Anna Maria RaduThree Romanians enrolled in Draper University, the 2.0 school of entrepreneurship

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