Grabbing the Techsylvania Hackathon Prizes

Developers and passionate hackers, this one is for you! We might just guess your excitement and curiosity to know what is beyond the 24 hours wearables and connected devices hackathon, so we’ve prepared our time machine that will take us straight to the final and most enjoyable moments of the Techsylvania hackathon – the awards time.


Anna Maria RaduGrabbing the Techsylvania Hackathon Prizes
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Mark Shuttleworth’s Incredible Journey in the Tech World

For Mark Shuttleworth, his journey into the tech scene has been fulminant even from the beginning and also paved with a lot of success that few can count as their own. Because he will be one of the keynote speakers for the Techsylvania conference this year and also because his professional and personal life are something to look up to, let us pinpoint some of this achievements that made us so eager to know him.

The World Wide Web Era

Anna Maria RaduMark Shuttleworth’s Incredible Journey in the Tech World
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Why CEE Has Become One of the Technology Hotspots in the World

-guest post by Bitdefender

“The Central and Eastern European region has become a major IT hub, spurring the international expansion of successful technology start-ups, particularly from Romania. Internationally acknowledged talent in software development has created a highly lucrative opportunity in Romania for technology investment”, says Bitdefender’s founder, Florin Talpeș.

Anna Maria RaduWhy CEE Has Become One of the Technology Hotspots in the World
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Techsylvania Conference Agenda for 2016 Is Here!

This is probably one of the most important blogposts related to this Techsylvania edition. Not only that we have a tendency to save the best for last, but specially because this article summarises hundreds of days of hard work, commitment and hope to get Techsylvania on fresh and prosperous grounds.

It’s also about all the support that we have received so far to successfully launch a new and better edition each year. Reputable speakers that have never visited Romania before, valuable partners that have decided to join us for the second or even third time in a row, courted startups from across the globe—you name it, we have received an enormous boost and we couldn’t be more glad about it.

The only thing that’s on top of our minds right now is to deliver what we have promised: Techsylvania as a leading tech event in Eastern Europe. But we surely need your help to conquer this title. And how can you do it? By joining us on the 21-24th of May, at Students’ Culture Hall in Cluj-Napoca, of course!

Anna Maria RaduTechsylvania Conference Agenda for 2016 Is Here!
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What it Takes to Build More than One Great Product

Every entrepreneur, startup owner or career-shifting guy had at least once this question popping into his mind. And may we all agree that intuition or great knowledge on what actually means to develop the product won’t help when it comes to guarantee a successful one.

Luckily, there have been other people who built, tested and measured the results endlessly, until they have found some guidelines to building a product that actually impacts the market. But before cutting to that part, let`s make some things clear about what a product should or should not be.

Anna Maria RaduWhat it Takes to Build More than One Great Product
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Techsylvania Introduces Workshops for Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Developers

Maybe you have wondered in the last few days if joining Techsylvania is really something that will help you learn, access and see new things in your area of interest. We will go past the cliche saying that you can learn and accumulate a lot of things from any event, because you really can, and rather get into the specific stuff to cast a light on the four major fields we have built the event on. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur, an innovator or a developer, read further to find out what Techsylvania can do for you!

You Are An Entrepreneur

Anna Maria RaduTechsylvania Introduces Workshops for Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Developers
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5 Reasons You Need To See Tim Draper At Techsylvania

ATTENTION: This article may create increased heart rate and anxiousness due to the information and news presented below. To be read sitting down and in case of any symptoms from the above, to be shared with other persons.

There are less than 3 weeks until Techsylvania and we have recently confirmed a new name on the speaker`s list – Tim Draper. But let`s not prolong the excitement and introduce him to you properly, as you might want to know what this fuss is all about.


Anna Maria Radu5 Reasons You Need To See Tim Draper At Techsylvania
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How To Foster Innovation In a Company

Nowadays, business development and innovation go hand in hand while the old saying of resting on one`s laurels is long taken into account. Especially in the tech field, where constant renewal and generation of solutions is a determining factor of a company`s survival.

That is why we have decided to tap into the subject and explore the innovation culture from a business perspective. That is what we found out:

Great companies build collaborative environments.

Anna Maria RaduHow To Foster Innovation In a Company
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The Next Gold Rush Could Be Healthcare IT

Where is all this innovation in IT and technology heading? Healthcare. According to Forbes, over $955 million dollars have been channelled towards this field, this year alone. This represents a tripling of the amount invested over previous years.

If you combine this with the fact that governments are planning to update their Healthcare systems, the ensuing result will be a  growing market with the potential to deliver extremely efficient solutions (for example, technologies such as 3D organ printing or wearable wellness devices) while uniting two distinct fields for a common vision – a better healthcare industry.

Anna Maria RaduThe Next Gold Rush Could Be Healthcare IT
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Techsylvania Hackathon Challenge: Your Ticket Is Here

11402438_847096538715696_3516562386058532186_oDevelopers, we`ve got a new challenge for you! Our partners from ACADEMY+PLUS have a game for you and the prize is your free ticket to the next edition of Techsylvania hackathon! But let us explain a bit more in the following lines.

There is a game that dares all developers to take two online tests to prove your memory and logic. Pretty simple, you might say, but the real deal here is the score you get. You have two hours and ten minutes to complete them, without pauses.

The best 10 players will get free tickets to the third edition of Techsylvania hackathon and the following 20, a 50% discount at registration.

Careful, if you are <born to code> you might get thrown into the Pool*. That’s your chance to  be part of ACADEMY+PLUS, that aims to help anyone who loves code lines to make the most of their passion.

Anna Maria RaduTechsylvania Hackathon Challenge: Your Ticket Is Here
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