Romanian Startup Champions at DLD16

Romanian startups have an immense potential that we are now acknowledging and promoting.

Now, this is not just a statement we hear more and more of in the media or discussing the trends; it’s the conclusion we came to after attending the DLD Conference in the last few days. How did we reach this conclusion? Here it is!

Anna Maria RaduRomanian Startup Champions at DLD16
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2 Major Reasons to Attend Techsylvania Conference


Nothing new here, there many reasons why attending a professional conference is good for you and your professional life. However, let’s cut it short and emphasize the major reasons why your presence is a must.

You. Your time is limited. And so is everyone else’s. That’s why you need to make sure that attending a conference has an ROI, right?

Anna Maria Radu2 Major Reasons to Attend Techsylvania Conference
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The New Year Brings a Brand New Identity for Techsylvania

As the New Year brings new challenges, changes and a lot of plans to fulfill, we unravel our new identity, marking the way to a fresh experience for all tech enthusiasts. In the following lines we will share with you the story of our new visual identity and set your hopes for the next edition of Techsylvania.

Anna Maria RaduThe New Year Brings a Brand New Identity for Techsylvania
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New Year, New Techsylvania Edition

“Celebrate what you want to see more of”, they say. We have celebrated innovation at each edition of Techsylvania. But 2015 has been particularly keen on many levels of the tech industry for most. Embodied tech, rockets, 3D printed organs, self-educated robots, wacky green cars – you name it, this year has been a vivid playground for the tech doers and lovers.

Now a new bright year is ahead of us. We have another 365 days to make it count. To sweeten things up, we give you some good news: Techsylvania 2016 is on its way!

Anna Maria RaduNew Year, New Techsylvania Edition
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Techsylvania Workout: Hack-at-Home program

Dear hackers and wearable fans,

We are proud to announce the launch of the Techsylvania Workout: Hack-at-Home program! While some of you have attended our wearable & connected devices hackathon, we know there are still a lot of people who couldn’t  join us, but would like to get their hands on some wearable devices and create a cool project.

Vlad CiurcaTechsylvania Workout: Hack-at-Home program
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Having a Few Words With Bogdan Herea, the CEO of PITECH PLUS

As you all know, there will be plenty of speakers attending this year’s edition of Techsylvania, among them being the CEO of PITECH+PLUS, a group of reliable companies specialised in outsourcing and consultancy for the IT industry. What began as a simple startup with 10 people and only one location in Cluj-Napoca soon grew to around 250 employees and offices based in Targu Mures, Bucharest, Brussels, Berlin and Paris.

The group portfolio is split into 3 work divisions: Digital, Engineering and Startup, with the latter focusing on helping more than 20 tech-based startups make, evolve and develop quality products. As of 2014,

SquirrlyHaving a Few Words With Bogdan Herea, the CEO of PITECH PLUS
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Techsylvania 2015 hackathon winners

It’s that time of the year again when we have to meet & greet; we at Techsylvania, after finishing the wonderful hackathon which brought to an end a number of 25 ideas, including the first Romanian apps on Apple Watch and the first ideas developed in an original manner on the new Romanian smartwatch, Vector.

Alongside with the latter mentioned, Vector, we can start nominating the special prizes winners.

Andrei RaduTechsylvania 2015 hackathon winners
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This year’s Hackathon ideas

Ladies and gentlemen, we are live with the hackathon!

On a superb summerish Saturday, we kicked off the 24 developing marathon at Casa de Cultura a Studentilor, having at the start of the competition more than 130 participants who eventually split in 29 active teams.

Andrei RaduThis year’s Hackathon ideas
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Techsylvania Interview With Alin Mihai Laurentiu, Attorney At Law

While there will be plenty of interesting speakers coming to Techsylvania this year, it is also important to take some time to get to know our partners, the people who helped us make this event a reality. Following the tradition we have set forth with interviewing our partners, today you will get to see what insight one of our most renowned Silver Partners, Laurentiu, Laurentiu and Associates, has to offer.

Let’s get to know them first

LLA is a respectable full service law firm that has been around since 2007. They offer quality legal advice and services, their specialties being corporate, commercial, tax, labor, IT and other business related law areas.

SquirrlyTechsylvania Interview With Alin Mihai Laurentiu, Attorney At Law
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5 Methods Of Guerrilla Marketing For Your Brand

The origin of the term guerrilla marketing comes from the term guerrilla warfare. This usually is related to the implementation of atypical military tactics used to accomplish a mission. In business, the term is used for marketing strategies that are low cost, small scale and outside the box. The intent is that the concept will be favored by the public and will go viral.

Tactics can include flash mobs, videos, Internet campaigns and various PR stunts, all executed with the intent that they’ll go viral.

Squirrly5 Methods Of Guerrilla Marketing For Your Brand
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