A New Era in Tech and Fashion – ElektroCouture

Purses that incorporate a charger. Rings that glow when you get an email. Scarves that change their colour according to your mood. Not long ago, these objects would have been drawn out of a science-fiction movie. Not today, as the technology world is blending more and more with the fashion industry to create unique and revolutionary garments.

Anna Maria RaduA New Era in Tech and Fashion – ElektroCouture
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5 Steps to Winning the Next Techsylvania Hackathon

Participating in a hackathon is one thing, but winning it is another deal. To make it easier for all of you who will be joining the third edition of Techsylvania hackathon, we`ve gathered up our experience and created this article hoping you will gain more insights and extra fun starting May 21st!

Anna Maria Radu5 Steps to Winning the Next Techsylvania Hackathon
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Step into the IoT World at Techsylvania 2016

Imagine a space filled with the latest gadgets and technology that is at your disposal for four days in a row.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 18.10.07Add this to the two days of hearing the latest news in technology and startup, combined with a 24-hour hackathon and lots of networking and now you get a picture of the magnitude of the Techsylvania event.  

Surprises keep on coming for the third edition of Techsylvania and the latest one we have prepared for you is the IoT Village, a place where during the 4 days of event, you can try ten of the most innovative, practical and cool devices and gadgets on the market.

Anna Maria RaduStep into the IoT World at Techsylvania 2016
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What’s the Best Asset A Company Can Have?


What do Google, Twitter and Adobe all have in common? Besides the fact that they are IT companies and also well-reputed in their field, there`s more to it than what meets the eye. According to Forbes and Business Insider, all have an organisational culture that gets their names on the lips of professionals.

But how does that translate into business terms and what does it mean for the IT and technology sectors? Well, as you may guess, the best work environments get the brightest minds.

Anna Maria RaduWhat’s the Best Asset A Company Can Have?
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4 Reasons Why Companies Should Invest in Education

We often hear on the news about the education system that fails to work and to deliver valuable candidates for companies. This tends to be a loop that companies could prevent in one single step – investing in educating young talents, as well as their employees. But why is it worth for a company to put efforts into ongoing education? Here are 4 major reasons:

Anna Maria Radu4 Reasons Why Companies Should Invest in Education
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Who Are the Awesome Techsylvania Guys & Girls?

After two successful editions of Techyslvania, many talks on the activities that took place there and a future edition that is waiting to rock in May, we believe it`s time you met the team that triggered all the movement behind one of the most successful technology and entrepreneurship events in Eastern Europe!

Without further adieu, we’re introducing you to the passionate, hard-working and creative Techsylvania team.

Anna Maria RaduWho Are the Awesome Techsylvania Guys & Girls?
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Can we talk about a local Internet of Things?

Every day we buy things using our smartphones, tablets or computers. We call a cab using an app. We even measure our temperature or our heart rate with a simple gesture on our devices. It’s very clear that the Internet of Things (IoT) is present in our lives and it’s influencing us in a big way. This, though, is just the beginning.

A study conducted by Gartner, Inc. forecasts that “6.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2016, up 30 percent from 2015, and will reach 20.8 billion by 2020. In 2016, 5.5 million new things will get connected every day.”

Anna Maria RaduCan we talk about a local Internet of Things?
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How Techsylvania Celebrated Lady Entrepreneurs

Last days were all about women and celebrating them, and for us at Techsylvania, was the best time to praise their efforts in the technology and innovation field. So, we decided to let all the ladies share their thoughts on the most inspiring women they knew, while putting some perks at stake.

Anna Maria RaduHow Techsylvania Celebrated Lady Entrepreneurs
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Techsylvania Gets in the Startup Business

Only 3 months left until the long-awaited conference and we bring you another surprise we have been keeping secret for a while now: Startup Avalanche.

For the new ones here, you might know Techsylvania has two major components – the hackathon and the conference. Nevertheless, this year will be richer in activities, people and knowledge, as we push the conference forward with a challenge for all the startups out there.

Anna Maria RaduTechsylvania Gets in the Startup Business
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Top 3 Hottest Topics from Techsylvania 2015

What makes Techsylvania so great, you would probably ask yourself. The answer may be the access to the latest gadgets & wearables, or the networking abundace. But above all that, the main reason why each one of you decides join our conference is the amazing talks on the stage and the brilliant, passionate people that get to be our speakers.

And since we know time is a scarce resource, we have been thinking about all of you, who maybe did not have the opportunity to participate at the first two editions and guess what? We are now giving you with the top 3 speeches from the last year`s edition. Of course, this is just a preview, as we are about to announce our new speakers for this year`s edition.

Anna Maria RaduTop 3 Hottest Topics from Techsylvania 2015
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