The 16 International Startup Finalists at Startup Avalanche

Right now, as we are writing this from the Techsylvania event that has started this weekend, 16 candidates for the Startup Avalanche competition are preparing their pitches that can take them to Silicon Valley. We are therefore presenting them to you, as we might assume they will soon become some valuable and notorious businesses that will change the tech scene, names that you will definitely hear more about in the near future.

Anna Maria RaduThe 16 International Startup Finalists at Startup Avalanche
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Living in a car for 4 months: a bootstrapping story

Founding a startup isn’t an easy task. It’s not like you wake up every morning at the same hour and stay 8 hours linked to a computer. Not at all. It’s a way of life.  You have to give everything, starting with.. well, kind of your whole time until the last cent, until you can see the results. We all know it doesn’t happen all the time, nor very fast. This is called bootstrapping. And this is a bootstrapping story about a dedicated entrepreneur who wanted to join the tech revolution by all means.

A man, a Car and His startup

Kurt Varner, actual Senior Product Designer at Shyp, jumped in his car a couple years ago and drove to Silicon Valley. He had a dream and he wanted to make it real. But because rent is extremely high in Palo Alto, and he hadn’t anyone there, he had to live in his car for 4 months. It does seem like an extreme example of a bootstrapping story, but we should see it as a life lesson.

SquirrlyLiving in a car for 4 months: a bootstrapping story
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